Creamfields 2019

If electronic music is your thing, then Creamfields 2019 is unbeatable. Widely imitated, never replicated, the original and best dance music festival!

Cheshire Warrington Daresbury Creamfields

Festival date: 2019-08-22

Doors for this fest open from 12:00 till 23:00.

Choose your ticket for this festival

Standard 4 Day Camping£230.00
Bronze 4 Day Camping£265.00
Silver 4 Day Camping£290.00
Gold 4 Day Camping£340.00
Standard 3 Day Camping£210.00
Bronze 3 Day Camping£245.00
Silver 3 Day Camping£260.00
Gold 3 Day Camping£310.00
Standard 2 Day Non Camping£175.00
Standard 2 Day Camping£185.00
Bronze 2 Day Camping£220.00
Silver 2 Day Camping£235.00
Gold 2 Day Camping£260.00
Standard Saturday Ticket£85.00
Standard Sunday Ticket£90.00