Equinox Festival 2020

A unique festival celebrating of the changing of the seasons – we think it’s the best party in the universe

Lincolnshire Salters Lane, Wyham, Louth Chalk Farm

Festival date: 2020-09-18

Doors for this fest open from 10:00 till 12:00.

Choose your ticket for this festival

Early Bird Adult Weekend Ticket – 11 Month Payment Plan Deposit£5.00
Super Early Bird Adult Weekend Ticket 18yrs+£85.00
Youth Weekend Ticket 12-17yrs£45.00
Under 12 Weekend Ticket£0.00
Dog Weekend Ticket£15.00
Car Park Weekend Ticket£20.00
Caravan and Parking Weekend Ticket£40.00
Campervan/Live-in Vehicle Weekend Ticket£30.00
Donation Pot£5.00
Donation Pot£10.00
Donation Pot£20.00
Donation Pot£50.00



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