Big Family Festival

The Big Family Festival is a multi day festival, packed with entertainment, where children are the main focus. #bff

West Midlands Sutton Coldfield Dunton Hall, Kingsbury Road, Curdworth Dunton Hall

Festival date: 2019-07-26

Doors for this fest open from 12:00 till 23:00.

Choose your ticket for this festival

Adult 3 Night Camping£70.00
Child 3 Night Camping£40.00
Adult 2 Night Camping£65.00
Child 2 Night Camping£35.00
40% OFF Adult 3 Night Camping£42.00
40% OFF Child 3 Night Camping£24.00
40% OFF Adult 2 Night Camping£39.00
40% OFF Child 2 Night Camping£21.00
40% OFF Adult 3 Day Ticket£33.00
40% OFF Child 3 Day Ticket£18.00
Adult 3 Day Ticket£55.00
Child 3 Day Ticket£30.00
40% OFF Adult 2 Day Ticket£27.00
40% OFF Child 2 Day Ticket£18.00
Adult Weekend Ticket£45.00
Child Weekend Ticket£30.00
40% OFF Adult Friday Ticket£12.00
40% OFF Child Friday Ticket£4.50
40% OFF Adult Saturday Ticket£18.00
40% OFF Child Saturday Ticket£9.00
40% OFF Adult Sunday Ticket£18.00
40% OFF Child Sunday Ticket£9.00
Adult Friday Tickets£20.00
Child Friday Ticket£7.50
Adult Saturday Ticket£30.00
Child Saturday Ticket£15.00
Adult Sunday Ticket£30.00
Child Sunday Ticket£15.00